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Paraquat Injury Claims in Evansville IN 930

If you've suffered from one of these serious injuries after toxic exposure to Paraquat, you may qualify for a claim for compensation:
  • Parkinson's Disease or Tremors
  • End-stage Renal Failure or Kidney Failure

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  • We have earned the trust of thousands of hard-working farmers over the years
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Paraquat Lawsuit Attorneys

Wagner Reese - Paraquat Lawyers
"We have successfully represented over 4,000 growers, farmers and agricultural workers over the years. We know what matters most to you. Trust us with your case and we promise we will not let you down." 

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Evansville Paraquat Lawsuits Filed - Renal Failure & Parkinson's Disease

Plaintiffs from around the USA are submitting their claims against Syngenta - manufacturers of the Paraquat herbicide. These hard-working growers are making claims that they were unaware of the serious health risks associated with being exposed to the herbicide Paraquat, and some state that they have developed serious health conditions including Parkinson's.

Most Common Ways Evansville Farmers Are Exposed To Paraquat

These complaints are being filed by growers, farmers and agricultural workers who had several interactions with Paraquat that include: 

  • Exposure while mixing Paraquat
  • Exposure while loading Paraquat onto equipment for spraying
  • Exposure while applying/spraying Paraquat onto crops
  • Exposure while supervising others doing any of the above tasks
  • Exposure while working on the farm or in the field when Paraquat was being applied or sprayed

Our Evansville Paraquat attorneys have also received calls from concerned individuals who live in close quarters to crops and farms where the dangerous chemical herbicide was used. 

Our experienced lawyers will be summarizing various lawsuits as they are filed, on our Paraquat Claims Center blog.

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Our Aggressive Paraquat Litigation Team

Is This A Paraquat Class Action in Evansville? 

No, this is not technically considered a class action paraquat lawsuit. We feel that class actions are more applicable when the damage to all consumers or members of the class is nearly identical. In this instance, the severity and extent of injuries vary greatly from farmer to farmer. From that perspective, we intend to file each case as its own lawsuit. 

What's A "Multi District Litigation" or "MDL"

An MDL in federal court occurs when the cases are consolidated for litigation purposes. All discovery can be distributed and shared throughout all of the cases, and most often occurs where there is a common defendant.  Various states have their own versions the federal court's Multi District Litigation in state court.

A Paraquat Multi District Litigation (MDL) has not yet been established in federal court - but there could be one established soon. There are a large volume of plaintiffs coming forward alleging that Syngenta's herbicide caused their Parkinson's disease (a neurodegenerative disorder) or end-stage kidney failure.

Paraquat Lawsuit For Parkinsons and Kidney Disease

How Can An Evansville IN Paraquat Lawsuit Attorney Help?

  1. We will answer all your questions
  2. We will make sure you understand the litigation process
  3. We will keep you updated through the litigation
  4. We will earn your trust and fight for you like you are family
  5. We will not charge you a dime unless we obtain compensation for you

We understand what you - a hard working American - are going through. You are likely very angry right now to learn that the injuries and pain your body has had to endure could have been avoided. Your medical bills are mounting and you want justice.

Our attorneys have helped farmers, growers, agricultural workers, and professional applicators of pesticide and herbicide products for many years - and we know you work hard for a living. We will stand with you in your fight to get justice against the manufacturers of chemicals that some consider a poison or toxic chemical.

What Does The Science Say? Does Exposure to Paraquat Cause These Health Conditions? Here Are The Studies:

All studies are cited below with information about the releasing body.

February 2011 - Farming and Movement Evaluation ("FAME") Study

Researchers from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, in conjunction with the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, conducted a study in February 2011 that suggested a link between exposure to Paraquat and similar herbicides and Parkinson's disease.

October 2012 - The Genetic Modification Of The Association Of Paraquat and Parkinson's Disease Study

A study was conducted on individuals who used Paraquat in October 2012 . The study followed participants to measure how many were later diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. The study concluded that farmers who used Paraquat, and who also had a specific genetic variation, had an increased risk to developing Parkinson's Disease. The study determined that those exposed to Paraquat were at an 11x greater risk for developing Parkinson's disease.

December 2016 - Nature Chemical Biology CRISPR Study

This study backs the findings by FAME referenced above and also found that Paraquat caused oxidative stress on brain cells and broke in December of 2016 where the outcome suggested that those exposed to Paraquat developed genes that could possibly result in developing Parkinson's disease. CRISPR is an advanced gene technology which can edit genes and is hailed as the future of medicine by many.

Wagner Reese - Paraquat Lawyer Team

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How Much Is My Paraquat Settlement Worth?

It is far too early to know at this stage in the litigation. A lot of discovery has to play out before we can really know the just compensation each and every plaintiff is due. Each case is also unique. These types of cases can take a long time to resolve - we are potentially talking several years until these cases come to an end. Our personal injury lawyers will need to prove a link between Paraquat and the medical conditions we allege in our lawsuits. We will need to provide and collect all medical expenses related to the conditions for every plaintiff. There's a lot of work going on in this case. We'll keep you up to speed on the lawsuit, and when it's time to value your claim, we'll be here to talk to you about that. 

Paraquat Lawsuit 2021: What Is The Process And How Do I Qualify?

  1. The first step is to complete a form, or call us on our Paraquat Claims Helpline.
  2. You will speak with a member of our team and answer questions about:
    • Your exposure to Paraquat
    • Your medical diagnosis and the date of diagnosis
    • Your treatment
    • The dates of exposure to the herbicide
    • Your role when exposed to the popular herbicide
    • Your medical history
    • Your family history
    • The exact location and farms where you were exposed
    • The licensed applicators information
  3. You will be given information about the process
  4. Our lawyers will answer all your questions
  5. You get to decide if you will trust us to stand with you and fight for justice

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How Dangerous Is The Toxic Herbicide Paraquat?

Many suicide attempts are made with this weed killer. At a specific dose, the chemical can cause heart failure, slow movement, liver failure, and severe health issues, which can ultimately lead to long term disability or death.

What If You Have Not Been Diagnosed With Parkinson's Disease But Have Tremors?

Our attorneys have been asked if having tremors will qualify you for a claim. Tremors may indicate your Parkinson's disease is undiagnosed. Our firm will work with you to ensure you get fully evaluated to determine your conditions. Tremors can be fast twitching or a slowness of movement of your extremities.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Wagner Reese For This Case? 

Nothing - the consultation is 100% free. It costs you nothing to find out if you qualify.  Our law firm will also front all litigation expenses. 

And if we fail to recover compensation, you owe us NOTHING. You will only pay us for our legal services if we succeed in recovering compensation for you. 

Call us today for a free consultation. We look forward to helping you get the justice you deserve.

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Landmarks in Evansville, Indiana

Mesker Park Zoo

The Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden is a zoo that opened in 1928 in Evansville, Indiana and it is located in Mesker Park on Evansville's northwest side. It is run by the City of Evansville and accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Evansville Museum

The Evansville Museum of Arts, History & Science is a museum located on the Ohio riverfront in downtown Evansville, Indiana. It opened in 1904 and is one of Southern Indiana's most established and significant cultural institutions, with comprehensive collections in art, history, anthropology and science. Here you can discover the collection of over 30k objects including fine arts, decorative arts, historic documents and photographs, and anthropologic & natural history artifacts.

Children's Museum of Evansville

The Koch Family Children's Museum of Evansville is an interactive children's museum in Evansville, Indiana and features an Art Deco building. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and now offers visitors 3 floors of interactive exhibits and galleries.

Burdette Park

Burdette Park is a facility in Vanderburgh County, Indiana and is the only one in Vanderburgh County not operated by the City of Evansville. Here you'll find a recreational & educational environment consisting of over 170 acres of wooded hills in Southwestern Indiana.

Angel Mounds State Historical Site

Angel Mounds State Historic Site is an archaeological site managed by the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites. It includes over 600 acres of land about 8 miles southeast of present-day Evansville, in Vanderburgh and Warrick counties in Indiana. It is an historical site that has served as the political, cultural, and economic center of the Angel chiefdom.

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Sources and Links

Nature Chemical Biology - October 23, 2017: "A CIRSPR screen identifies a pathway required for paraquat-induced cell death" - by Colleen R Reczek, Kıvanç Birsoy, Hyewon Kong, Inmaculada Martínez-Reyes, Tim Wang, Peng Gao, David M Sabatini & Navdeep S Chandel. See

Farming and Movement Evaluation Study - February 2011 by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. See
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